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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Consists of: Agribusiness, Aircraft & Aviation Components, Aerospace & Defense Maintenance & Repair, Metal Products & Machinery, and Defense Technologies.

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Northeast Florida is one of the largest manufacturing regions in the state, creating products required in aviation, automotive, food and beverage, rail, and medical equipment.

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SJR State

Apprenticeship Program

Student’s dream of being aircraft electrician takes flight Beechum benefits from SJR State’s partnership with Fleet Readiness.

ORANGE PARK – Shannon Beechum’s interest in airplanes and how they work inspired her dream of joining the Navy and becoming an aircraft electrician.
Although she didn’t enlist in the Navy, Beechum, 19, is still livi...

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First Coast Manufacturers Association

Manufacturing, Measuring & Math

FloridaMakes-Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE) Community of Practice Workforce Development challenged institutions such as the First Coast Manufacturers Association and partners to create a project that increases awareness of manufacturing careers, pathways and earning potential with high school seniors to be implemented by December 1, 2019.
Manufacturers ...

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“This successful partnership is employer-driven and demonstrates how schools and industry can partner to help students learn more about the Career Pathways available to them after high school.”

Roben Faircloth
Industry Manager, CareerSource Northeast Florida

"The future and the pace that technology is moving inspired me to make this move to be skilled, knowledgeable and prepared to succeed in the 21st century."

Georgia Pacific employee and SJR State Associate of Science Engineering student

"We are always looking to attract and retain great talent and are proud to push initiatives like Manufacturing Month to bring awareness to the high-demand, good-paying careers in manufacturing. We are preparing for the future by engaging with the workforce of tomorrow today.” 

Lake Ray
President, First Coast Manufacturers Association

“I can't even describe the level of joy I’m feeling doing something that I know my dad’s so proud of."

Shannon Beechum
Fleet Readiness/SJR State Apprenticeship Student

"This is where manufacturing is heading...what's better for my future than learning more about how equipment works."

Georgia Pacific employee and SJR State Associate of Science Engineering student

Advanced Manufacturing COMPANIES IN THE REGION