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Health & Biomedical Consists of: Medical Devices, Medical Research, and Healthcare IT.

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Northeast Florida continues to grow as a destination for health and wellness.  Significant advancements in technology and bioscience continue to drive this ever-growing industry in the region.

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Member Care Specialist Role

A Deep Dive Into One Of GuideWell's Opportunities

You may ask yourself if this role is too good to be true: working 9 months on and three months off all while receiving full benefits, paid time off, and incentive bonuses? A job where you can self-select to go full time, or remain on the schedule above? A job where you can pursue educational opportunities on the “off” time while still having access to a variety of amenities such as ...

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Perserverance Results In a Successful Patient Care Career

Almira - Wolfson’s Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Six years ago, Almira and her two children moved to Jacksonville from Philadelphia to start fresh. Her son and daughter both struggle with health issues, so Almira knew she wanted to begin a career in the medical field. While up north, she earned a patient tech credential. However, she found herself wanting to move beyond just an entry-level position.
Almira utilized one of Ja...

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"Never waste time. Get all of the credentials you need quickly.  It may look painful going to class and taking exams, but when you achieve your goal, you'll appreciate it."

Dr. Abba Zubair, MD, PhD
Clinical Pathologist, Mayo Clinic

“We seek to promote an entrepreneurial community and spirit of invention.”

Tushar Patel, M.B., Ch.B
Dean of Research, Mayo Clinic

 “If you like helping people and solving problems, this can be a long-lasting career path.”

George Cross
Senior Director, Member Service Center, Guidewell

"We're in startup mode.  You wear a lot of hats and have to strike a balance to be successful.  It's really just about hard work and being dedicated to your mission." 

Brandi Zofkie
Ex Vivio Lung Perfusion Specialist, General Manager Mayo Clinic Transplant Center

“It is my passion. It is my heart. It is my lifelong dream and I couldn’t be happier.”

Respiratory Therapist, Wolfson’s Hospital

"We're always thinking about how do we push the practice of medicine forward."

Brian Hultgren
Operations Administrator, Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine

“I was working as a CNA, caring for a patient who suddenly began having difficulty breathing, exhibiting signs of respiratory distress. I immediately alerted the nurse, who called the Respiratory Therapist for help. I watched the RT care for, treat, and stabilize this patient. Seeing this RT work her magic like that is what sparked my interest in the field.“

Haley Smith
Respiratory Therapy Student, SJR State

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