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Support Industries Include: Construction, Public Safety, Education, and Hospitality

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As the region continues to grow, expansion is also seen in additional occupations that support this very growth. These support industries encompass various jobs and skill sets, al of which are vital to keeping the region thriving.

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An Unexpected Career Path

Ashley - Job Business Development Manager role at Marand Builders

Ashley Szczukowski never intended to be employed in the construction industry. She returned to school at a turning point, needing to make a change because of an economic downturn. She attended Florida State College at Jacksonville and the University of North Florida as a non-traditional student at age 38, studying communications and public relations. She credits the generosity of a local family...

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Building Their Own Workforce Pipeline

Janet Duffy of Eisman & Russo, Inc.

Construction Career Days, held in February each year at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, engages 11th and 12th graders. Over the course of three days, over 3,000 students in 11 counties throughout the region participate in learning labs, use equipment, and can ask questions of industry professionals. Every student is encouraged to attend these events, regardless of their interest in transpor...

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Foundational Skills Establish Multiple Pathways

Frank H. Peterson, a Laboratory School

Frank H. Peterson, a laboratory school in the Duval County Public School system, offers students a four year Early Childhood Academy program based on National Career Academy Coalition Standards of Practice that facilitate students’ growth and development.  The ultimate goal is providing instruction and opportunity to best prepare students to obtain the industry recognized certificati...

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"Teaching for over 40 years, this is more a passion, than a career for me. My goal every day is to try to transfer my passion for teaching, to my students pursuit of their passion, whatever that may be."

Alan Zube
Professor, Florida State College at Jacksonville

"If you're looking for the perfect world or the perfect situation, it doesn't exist.  Take action and don't give up until you achieve your goal."

Giselle Carson, Esq.
Business Immigration Attorney, Marks Gray

"Some days are rough, especially in your first year. It’s worth it. Kids see your passion and interest, and they’ll appreciate it. Surround yourself with a team of other teachers you can count on and bounce ideas off of, even if they’re not in your content area."

Carley Dyal
Agricultural Teacher Keystone Heights High School

“Carley is a natural teacher and she is a tremendous example of a ‘beginning’ teacher. It always surprises me she has only been teaching for 3 years because she has skills and abilities far beyond her years!”

Kelly Mosely
Former Agriculture teacher and current Career & Technical Education Supervisor for Clay County Schools

"Being an educator is not only a privilege, but also an opportunity to inspire others to also commit to the act of service that is involved with making impactful change throughout our communities."

Mrs. Leena Hall-Young
Duval County Teacher of the Year 2020-2021, William M. Raines High School

"It's a great experience.  You learn to train your brain for any high stress environment."

Christy Cole
EMT Student at SJR State

Being in Public Service requires "Integrity, a willingness to serve your community, and being part of something bigger than yourself."

Jason Fraley
Military Recruiter, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

"We want the best from our community and for our community."

Chief Robert Hardwick
Chief of Police, St. Augustine Beach

“Look at your skill set. Determine where there are gaps. Decide what it will take to fill those gaps and be willing to do the work that others are not willing to do.” 

Ashley Szczukowski
Business Development Manager, Marand Builders

“As the needs grow in our community, so does the need for our young men and women in our area to learn about and pursue a career in the Construction / Engineering profession.”

Janet Duffy
Documents Manager, Eisman & Russo, Inc.