Returning to civilian life presents new opportunities as well as challenges for Veterans.

Many Veterans look forward to life after the military, because they can spend more time with family and friends and no longer have to worry about military structure or being deployed. At the same time, transitioning to civilian life may lead to a lot of questions. You may wonder what you are going to do with this new phase of your life. You may think about going back to school, but you may not know where to start.

The Northeast Florida Military Veteran College Network (NFMVCN) can partner with you to enhance your career opportunities with a college degree. NFMVCN institutions offer undergraduate, graduate, first-time professional and continuing education programs that are accessible and affordable for active duty military, veterans and military families. You can contact NFMVCN schools directly to discuss any education questions.

In addition, we have provided the resources below to prepare you for college success: 

To learn more about a veteran's personal success story, check out:

If you, or someone you know, is interested in more informaiton about college opportunities for active duty military, veterans or military families, feel free to reach out by emailing [email protected]