Transportation & Logistics

Northeast Florida is America’s transportation and logistics center. The region’s two deep-water ports, three major interstates – I-95, I-10 and I-75, four railroads and an international airport system help Jacksonville rank as one of the best cities for logistics infrastructure according to Global Trade Magazine.

Northeast Florida has long been considered a transportation and logistics center.  With its access to water and strategic position in the Southeast, Jacksonville is a critical path in the global supply chain, which is why so many transportation and logistics companies have a presence here.

The Jacksonville region is also developing talent needed for transportation companies. With industry-related career academies in many of our K-12 school districts and programs offered at Florida State College of Jacksonville, University of North Florida, and Keiser University, the region’s educational institutions are building skilled supply chain professionals. The positive impact of these programs is both immediate and far-reaching.

If you’re interested in this career, review its Career Pathway to see what skills and education are needed to get a job and succeed in this ever-evolving industry. Earn Up consistently works with leaders and educators in the space to align the needs of employers with the available talent in Northeast Florida.

Possible Career Paths
  • Intermodal Distribution
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Autonomous Vehicles

Popular Job Titles
  • Train Dispatcher
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Terminal Manager
  • Supply/Logistics Trainer
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Inventory Control Specialist
  • Logistics Business Development Specialist
  • Delivery Driver
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Contract Transport Driver
  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Transportation Security Officer
  • Transportation Manager
  • Transportation Associate
  • Medical Transport Specialist
  • Delivery Assistant

Transportation & Logistics Companies in the Region

It’s rewarding that I can serve my community as well as our team by making sure our trucks are safe and up and running.

Mar TyndallDiesel Technician Apprentice, Republic Services

Not every journey is straight and narrow…a changing mind comes with growth.

Breanna LayKeiser University student

Networking is critical. In this industry, everyone knows everyone. You never know who will help you. Be open to opportunity and take on challenges.

Matt RogersSenior Transportation Systems Manager, Kehe

I like knowing I can help. There are tangible results of my efforts. It’s important to know that I’m being useful with my time and that I can have a piece of this huge industry.

Beth WilderMarine Personnel Specialist

Veteran-owned businesses such as Global Freight & Commerce are examples of the talent and dedication of our nation's veterans.

Jesus GarayOwner of Jacksonville’s Global Freight & Commerce

On Day One of a job, you begin making decisions. If you weren’t a leader before, you become one. You learn to plan backward and think forward.

Roguens StinvilUS Army Fuel Petroleum & Water Distribution Coordinator

Mar Tyndall

Diesel Technician Apprentice, Republic Services

Pursuing a career that you’re passionate about requires learning the skills needed to perform the job well.

Mar Tyndall has a love for vehicles and an interest in the technology that keeps them running. He graduated from Lincoln Tech’s ASE-Certified automotive program and worked for Volkswagen for two years. While Tyndall enjoyed his work, he wanted to achieve more in his career. He began to explore opportunities to become a diesel technician and found the Republic Services diesel technician training program.

“I wanted a challenge and I was inspired by the challenge of working on bigger and heavier equipment,” Tyndall said.

Tyndall is a diesel technician apprentice at Republic Services, a leader in recycling, waste and environmental services. Originally from New Jersey, Tyndall moved to Jacksonville in the spring of 2023 after graduating from Republic Services’ Technical Institute, the industry's first-ever diesel technician training program. The next generation trade school provides technological education and student compensation while supporting the development of a highly trained workforce.

“When I first started, I didn’t know much about trucks,” Tyndall said. “Now, I know more than the average person.”

The training program was developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor and Lincoln Tech, a leader in post-secondary education for auto, diesel, and skilled trades, to address the national diesel tech shortage. Republic Services Technical Institute offers paid on-the-job training, high-tech classrooms, and computer-based learning. Participants work toward a technical certification tuition-free at the Institute’s state-of-the-art, 76,000-square-foot facility located in Dallas, Texas. Tyndall received an offer to attend the Institute in January of 2023.

“It’s a beautiful facility with a lot of space to work in and the instructors are so helpful,” Tyndall said. “It was an excellent experience.”

After completing the nine-week program, graduates of the Republic Services Technical Institute begin full-time work at one of the company’s 180 local business units, including Jacksonville. Graduates receive a competitive salary, health insurance, paid time off and other benefits. Republic Services operates one of the nation’s largest fleets of waste removal and recycling vehicles and equipment, including heavy-duty, professional-grade, top-of-the-line trucks.

“Every day takes a lot of hard work and dedication,” Tyndall said. “There is always something new and interesting to learn each day.”

Tyndall performs ongoing maintenance and critical repairs to keep the company’s trucks on the road.

“It’s rewarding that I can serve my community as well as our team by making sure our trucks up and running and keeping our trucks safe,” Tyndall said. “Safety is our number one priority.”

Tyndall will advance from an apprentice to a certified diesel technician after approximately 18 months on the job. He enjoys the daily challenges of his job including disassembling and reassembling equipment. Problem solving is an essential skill for a diesel technician, which can be an excellent path to a well-paying and secure profession.

“Some days are challenging, but you have to do what it takes to keep striving, be persistent and achieve your goals,” Tyndall said.

Roguens Stinvil

Fuel Petroleum & Water Distribution Coordinator, US Army

Roguens Stinvil’s story is one of learning, hard work, and service to country and others. Roguens completed high school in Haiti where he was born and raised. His internal motivation to pursue additional education prompted him to move Delray Beach, Florida in 2007. There, he studied an English as a Second Language program for international students while working in retail. However, he knew that to pursue additional education and military service, a 2009 move to Jacksonville was wise.

“I wanted to be part of something big where I could break open doors for the greatest opportunity,” he said.

At Florida State College at Jacksonville, Roguens studied Supervision and Management/ Business Administration from 2013 to 2015 while working as a Financial Representative at UF Health Jacksonville and serving as a Logistics Embarkation Specialist for the US Marine Corp. Roguens loved working at UF Health’s large business setting. He enjoyed creating a great atmosphere for patients with pending insurance claims. During this time, he developed into an adept, resourceful professional who determined how to best leverage his passions and skills.

On January 12, 2010, a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti. Roguens had been in the US for over two years on that defining day. After hearing about the lack of logistics planning and infrastructure which prevented Haitians from receiving emergency supplies and food, Roguens knew he would become a problem-solver and solutions-creator to prevent these situations from occurring. He would study and work in logistics.

Since that time, Roguens has served in the US Army as a Fuel Petroleum and Water Distribution Coordinator where he has earned Level II Certified Petroleum Journeyman status, a Hazmat safety credential and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. In 2022, he obtained his Master of Business Administration in Transportation and Logistics at the University of North Florida, where he served as Vice-President of Community Service at Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Pi Chapter. He will soon transition out of the military and into the private sector, where he will work in air, rail, or sea logistics.

Roguens enjoys the Transportation & Logistics industry, saying, “What you’re doing is important, essential and big. Manufacturers, grocers and others rely on you to forecast needs and improvise. You’re in the middle of cross-functional teams like marketing and production.”

Skills of flexibility, resiliency, critical thinking and effective communication are signature qualifications in the industry, according to Roguens. “On Day One of a job, you begin making decisions. If you weren’t a leader before, you become one. You learn to plan backward and think forward.”

For students, veterans, or parents considering Transportation & Logistics as a career pathway, Roguens said, “The industry is growing and there is limitless opportunity.”
Becoming part of the Jacksonville community has offered great rewards for Roguens as well. While in college, he was involved with AmeriCorps VISTA and volunteered with Junior Achievement. He has also paid it forward in his native Haiti, where he is the Founder of Premier Vocational School since 2018. Approximately 250 to 300 students are enrolled in different programs which include English, computers, and trade skills such as tile installation, plumbing and electrical.

For Roguens, family and academics have been sources of inspiration and motivation that will continue fueling his career progression in the region’s Transportation & Logistics industry.

Breanna Lay

Keiser University Business student minoring in Transportation & Logistics

Making a career pathway decision is not always a one and done. Sometimes, it occurs through a series of choices and experiences as well as the wisdom that comes from various learning opportunities. Breanna Lay, a student at Keiser University, Jacksonville, has found her way back to the Transportation & Logistics industry, seeing it through a new lens of appreciation and respect.

“Find out what works for you,” said Breanna. “Not every journey is straight and narrow. It’s frustrating when you think you’re wasting time and resources and you just want the answer. But, a changing mind comes with growth.”

Breanna is currently studying Business Administration with a concentration in Transportation & Logistics. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the spring of 2024. However, her connection to the Transportation & Logistics industry began with military service.

After graduating high school, Breanna entered the U.S. Marines, serving as a Landing Support Specialist from May 2014-2018. Breanna was placed into this logistics role, knowing nothing about logistics. She completed a month of logistics school in which she learned the various models of military planes, as well as their characteristics, such as weight capabilities. She worked in landing support, offloaded equipment, and completed personnel manifests. She worked rail and beach operations, exposing her to different types of environments. Breanna wanted to see the world—military service facilitated that goal.

Breanna began pursuing social work studies following her military service, but was encouraged to explore her interests and notable skill in cosmetology. She ran a beauty blog and was a successful freelance makeup artist. Breanna shifted gears to take courses at Paul Mitchell in Jacksonville. However, her entrepreneurial mindset re-set her course to Keiser University, where she began studying Business and Finance using her GI Bill. At the time, Breanna thought the program of study would help her determine how to best craft her own beauty brand and product line.

Once at Keiser, Breanna met students enrolled in Logistics, as the Business Administration and Transportation & Logistics programs are closely aligned. After chatting with Professor Dr. Jeremy Smith, she was encouraged to shift her focus to studying Transportation & Logistics. This has allowed her to return to an area of familiarity from her military service, but has afforded tremendous opportunities to see this from the civilian perspective as “a long-term career pathway with a wealth of opportunity,” rather than as an assignment.

Breanna’s choice has already resulted in amazing opportunities. Breanna joined the Port Club at Keiser University, an extra-curricular activity facilitated by members of the Propeller Club of Jacksonville. An international professional association, the Propeller Club consists of local chapters that provide excellent opportunities for advocacy, networking and outreach. Breanna was selected to be part of an exclusive co-hort of three Keiser students who travelled to Greece for five days to the International Propeller Club’s Conference. Along with industry professionals from around the globe, as well as French and Greek students, Breanna learned about industry trends, such as “green, autonomous innovations that will continue to change how people and cargo are moved safely and according to regulations.”

The Propeller Club of Jacksonville, also selected Breanna to receive a $5,000 scholarship. “I was overcome with emotion, realizing the magnitude of this recognition for my hard work.”

At Keiser, industry specific field trips and informational interviews are allowing Breanna to see which aspect of the industry interests her the most. She is impressed with employers at JAX Port as well as Dr. Smith’s hands-on approach to teaching. She appreciates an industry with a large scale purpose and the sense of community generated by industry professionals who love what they do. Breanna sees this career pathway as one that will generate “a sense of purpose and a tight-knit community” for anyone willing to pursue it.

For her, the route to her career pathway of choice is an unexpected welcome home of sorts. “It’s part of the journey. It’s part of my story.”

Joanne Kazmierski

Founder and CEO, Global Business Logistix

By demonstrating determination, perseverance, awareness and belief in herself, entrepreneur Joanne Kazmierski, CTL, is in the driver’s seat of a thriving career.

Kazmierski is CEO of Global Business Logistix, LLC. She founded the Jacksonville- based company in 2014 after working in the port, logistics, supply chain and transportation industries.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in marketing and transportation/logistics, she established the company to provide project leadership in the international trade and logistics industry with a focus on workforce and economic development. Her customers include nonprofits and educational institutions.

“I love what I do – transportation and logistics feeds my soul,” said Kazmierski, who was named JAX Chamber’s Transportation & Logistics Council’s 2022 Small Business Leader of the Year.

The industry offers dynamic, challenging and fulfilling career opportunities with a wide variety of career trajectories. Transportation focuses on the movement of people and products via road, air, rail and water. Logistics covers a broader scope of activities that facilitate the management of product movement within the supply chain.

Kazmierski earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration from the University of South Florida in Tampa, and initially managed successful multi-family communities. While working to bring bus services to one of her communities, Kazmierski became intrigued by the transportation industry.

Kazmierski spent more than three years as marketing coordinator for Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), the independent agency responsible for public transit in Jacksonville. She then spent 11 years as a community outreach manager at the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT), Florida’s largest container port by volume and one of the nation’s top vehicle-handling ports.

Kazmierski operates Global Business Logistix as a “solopreneur,” utilizing subconsultants for special project needs. With a global-thinking focus, the consulting company helps businesses and organizations achieve the growth they desire. Global Business Logistix is known for its work with the Florida Supply Chain Summit and offers state and federal grant writing and administration. Diversifying and offering niche services has provided opportunities for the company’s success. Kazmierski to date has written and administered more than $42 million in federal and state grants that serve nearly 10,000 children in Northeast Florida afterschool, summer and food programs.

Global Business Logistix has enjoyed consistent growth over the past eight years, thanks to Kazmierski’s focus on accreditation and professional development. She
earned the internationally recognized Certification in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) and attends numerous professional development programs.

“To keep yourself relevant, it’s essential to keep your credentials up-to-date and build on your skill set,” Kazmierski said.

Kazmierski credits her success to tenacious networking and encourages everyone to build and maintain their professional network. Her networking includes keeping in contact with former colleagues and making new connections. She frequently volunteers on behalf of industry organizations and also generously gives her time mentoring rising entrepreneurs.

“If you’re going to succeed in this industry, it is vitally important to nurture your network,” Kazmierski said. “If you don’t succeed, you haven’t done your networking well.”