Welcome Educators!

Educators!—we’re so thrilled you’ve connected to this vital opportunity to share career pathway options with your students. Statistics have revealed that most students lack a deep awareness and understanding of the occupations available in Northeast Florida. Your students also need more information on where to seek post-secondary training options to begin their career pathway of choice. The resources provided to students on EarnUp.org will help them begin to develop and refine their understanding of career pathways available. The activities and assessments provided here will allow them to demonstrate this understanding.

Thank you for sharing career pathway information with your students and for challenging them with these fun, interactive and thorough assignments.

Investigative Learning

Career Exploration Essay Assignment 

Informational Interview Career Assignment

Career Vision Board

Career Assignment

Collaborative Learning

Think-Pair-Share Career Assignment 

Role Play Career Exploration Assignment 

Question & Response

Regional Career Pathways PowerPoint

Regional Career Pathways PowerPoint – Key 

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Questions –