Educator Resources

Welcome Educators!   Earn Up is proud to partner with teachers, counselors and community-based organizations who all have valuable touchpoints with students educator resources that will help with career path development.  Through the regular interactions you have with those who will soon enter the workforce, you can help to expand the awareness and understanding of Northeast Florida’s target and support industries, as well as their accompanying career pathways and regional employers.

To help facilitate this increased student awareness, the educator resources below provide engaging, interactive activities to help students develop, deepen and refine their understanding of the professions flourishing in Northeast Florida.  These resources allow educators to guide and enhance the student experience as they use this ever-changing website–which features region-specific employment and wage data, employer links, and educational and community resources.

These resources allow you to select the best method of learning for students based on their learning styles and the types of classroom environment (in-class, hybrid or virtual) in which you’re engaging them.  Lesson plans are categorized into question and response, investigative learning, collaborative learning, mini-lessons and preparation resources.

If you need additional resources to help your students find their career path contact us here.

Investigative Learning

Career Exploration Essay Assignment 

Informational Interview Career Assignment

Career Vision Board

Career Assignment

Collaborative Learning

Think-Pair-Share Career Assignment

Role Play Career Exploration Assignment

Employability Skills Lesson

Employability Skills Presentation 

Question & Response

Regional Career Pathways PowerPoint

Regional Career Pathways PowerPoint – Key 

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Questions –

Success Story Scavenger Hunt Questions

Success Story Scavenger Hunt Questions – Key

Mini Lessons

Advanced Manufacturing Mini Lesson 

Advanced Manufacturing Mini Lesson – Key

Advanced Transportation and Logistics Mini Lesson 

Advanced Transportation and Logistics Mini Lesson – Key

Financial Services Mini Lesson 

Financial Services Mini Lesson – Key

Health and Biomedical Mini Lesson 

Health and Biomedical Mini Lesson – Key

IT and Innovation Mini Lesson 

IT and Innovation Mini Lesson – Key