Adult Learners

Adult learners—considered to be non-traditional or returning students, they bring with them knowledge, skills and experience from the workforce, the military, or family responsibilities.  These experiences may have shaped their interest in further exploration of specific industries or job roles.  It is Earn Up’s mission to help them find their Career Pathway through access to region-specific information.

Adult learners have a wide variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, abilities, responsibilities and experiences. Typically 25 years or older, they entered college for at least one year following high school and have a full-time job and family to support. They also may have started college as a traditional student but needed to take time off to address other responsibilities or enter the workforce.  Adult learners may have found it necessary to obtain a new skill set to begin a new career or enhance their existing job role.

Balancing work, school and family is challenging.  However, these challenges do not need to be a barrier in the pursuit of career goals.  Training providers in the Northeast Florida region create boot camps, certificate and degree programs with adult learners in mind.   They design curricula offering flexibility around existing employment and commute times with hybrid and online options.  So, Earn Up encourages adult learners to check out the resources shown below as well as the Career Pathway reports and videos here.

As Northeast Florida continues to expand its industry footprint through new company announcements and the growth of in-market employers, the need for qualified professionals will only increase.  Adult learners – invest in yourself, perhaps with the assistance of your employer through tuition reimbursement programs.  Expanding your skill set to start a brand-new role in one of the region’s target or support industries.  Or, reinforce your current position with a workforce certificate through an advanced degree.

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