Invest In Your Company’s Future

By Investing In Theirs

Companies that work with Earn Up can directly support and influence the readiness of Northeast Florida’s workforce. This will allow organizations to meet the talent needs of today, but ensure that a vibrant and experienced workforce is available in the future. Through engagement with the upcoming talent pipeline, companies build a competitive advantage. In today’s talent ecosystem, it is important that companies find a way to acquire talent beyond traditional recruiting methods.

The Jacksonville business community is a vital partner in connecting students to careers. Earn Up is powered by JAXUSA Partnership and helps companies engage with the upcoming talent pipeline facilitates opportunities to learn about different industries and occupations through a continuum of experiences, ranging from career awareness to career training. Work-based learning benefits employers, providing a creative means of designing workforce training and in-demand skills development.

Utilizing the Connect Now form, employers indicate interest in various levels of engagement, such as providing work-based learning opportunities, such as job shadowing and internships. One facet of this form is that it allows many staff members from the same company to participate at a level that allows them to showcase their expertise. For example, an IT professional may speak to a cybersecurity class at a local school.

Complete the form below to connect now with Earn Up and invest in your company’s future by investing in theirs. If you have any questions you can also contact us here. Employers may also find our Employer Toolkit a great resource for creating and expanding their internship offerings.

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