High School Students

Earn Up supports high school student career development. We make available important resources that will help identify areas of post-secondary opportunity, from work-based certificates and college to internships and apprenticeships. Our goal is to help high school graduates find the work they are passionate about while remaining in the Jacksonville region.  Qualified professionals are needed to help local companies grow and prosper.  You are part of that talent pipeline that becomes the next generation of the region’s workforce.

Earn Up wants to dispel the narrative that there is only one pathway to success.  As shown on the Career Pathways associated with each of Earn Up’s target and support industries, there are a plethora of workforce certificates, apprenticeship programs, and degree programs all equipped to teach skills needed to be successful.  The bottom line is this – it is essential to obtain skills after high school to truly maximize career mobility.  Studies show that dropouts will earn $200K less than high school graduates during their lifetime.

If you feel confused or overwhelmed about career choice, there is plenty of time to explore a variety of jobs and determine what is right for you. Reach out to a high school counselor or find a mentor.  Use the information on this website frequently throughout your high school career.  Think about what you like to do, the types of challenges you enjoy, and the type of working environment that sounds like a good fit.  Also, think about the industries that are growing.  While there are jobs that are industry specific, like registered nurse or truck driver, there are occupations that allow individuals to use those skills in a variety of industries. Jobs in human resources, marketing, technology, and accounting are prime examples.

Getting more information is the best first step.  Earn Up gets you started.

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