At Earn Up, we salute veterans and their service to our country. Northeast Florida provides a welcoming environment for all those looking to transition back to civilian life. There is a higher concentration of veterans in our labor force than in the State of Florida.  In fact, Business Insider/WalletHub ranked Jacksonville in the Top 15 Best U.S. Cities for Veterans. Whether you want to leverage military skills to enter one of our target and support industries or attend school to learn a completely new skill set, opportunities abound in the Jacksonville region.

Veterans may need resources to help them determine how to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities learned during military service. A lot leave the military after their first enlistment and aren’t quite sure what their long-term career goals might be. It’s a sentiment echoed by many post-9/11 vets. According to the Pew Research Center, 50% of veterans feel unprepared for civilian life. However, there are great career options in a variety of industries, including Advanced Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Life Sciences, Technology Services, Financial Services, Public Service, Social Services, Education, Real Estate and more.

Earn Up wants to help make that transition easier by providing access to resources and tools that can help navigate the civilian workforce and prepare vets to find a future employer. In addition to Earn Up, the Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) is committed to honoring those who served. Central to the JMVC vision is the recognition that many of the skills developed in the military – leadership, fast and accurate decision–making, operational focus, and the drive to accomplish a mission – have a direct benefit to Jacksonville businesses. The JMVC works with military organizations, industry associations, governmental entities, and Jacksonville businesses to build awareness and understanding of how these skills and cultural attributes make military veterans outstanding employees.

Hundreds of thousands of troops leave the service every year in search of a post-military career.  Jacksonville is the best place to begin. Discover your Career Pathway today!


Additionally, many spouses or significant others relocate alongside their military partner.  This means they may need to frequently start their careers over in new locations.  To this end, resources exist to help those who are seeking opportunities to find meaningful work here in Northeast Florida.  For example, visit for information about 12 week fellowships and for information on virtual courses.

Helpful Veterans Resources in the Region