Help Foster The Next Generation Workforce

At Earn Up, we see value in a three-pronged approach of talent attraction, development, and connection. We strive to develop a strong talent pipeline with partners from over 150 education, business and community leaders focused on a shared framework designed to increase system coordination to grow and optimize the workforce, supporting economic growth and a remarkable quality of life.  Earn Up is helping build Jacksonville’s workforce for today as well as the future.

Earn Up is powered by JAXUSA Partnership – the private, non-profit division of JAX Chamber that is responsible for the region’s economic development. Their role as a catalyst for economic growth brings awareness to the region’s unique resources and business climate and aggressively recruits jobs and capital investment to our area. That mission demands the alignment of areas that drive the development of the region, particularly for talent.  Click here to view a list of JAXUSA investors.

Companies need talent to thrive. Earn Up partners with Jacksonville businesses, education institutions and community-based organizations to meet the current and future needs of the Jacksonville region. It is just as important that the Northeast Florida business community works in concert with local talent development groups to build job growth opportunities that create life-long careers in the area. Retaining local talent is critical to the Jacksonville region’s long-term growth in addition to fostering interest in talent relocating here. In today’s global environment where there are millions of unfilled jobs and an overall shortage of quality talent, Northeast Florida stands apart by demonstrating the ability to grow, develop and retain its workforce.

If you are interested in becoming an Earn Up partner, please contact us today. Our partners come from across all industries and various sizes. Your contributions will add value to the Earn Up mission.

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