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The Jacksonville region remains a thriving financial services industry that has been crucial in shaping the city’s economy. With diverse banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and a growing fintech industry, financial services offers career opportunities for professionals at virtually every education and experience level.

Jacksonville’s Financial Services Industry Rankings

Jacksonville’s financial services ecosystem is consistently recognized as a global leader and innovator. Notably, Jacksonville boasts the presence of nearly 20 major banks, insurance, and investment services firm. This scale underscores Jacksonville’s significance in the financial services industry and its reputation as a prominent hub for financial services in Northeast Florida

Fintech’s Role in Jacksonville Begins With FIS

Fintech is driving a dynamic transformation in Jacksonville’s financial industry. This technological revolution enhances innovation and efficiency across various financial segments, including banking, payments, and investment services. Atop the fintech space is FIS, a Fortune 500 technology solutions provider for financial institutions and businesses, including 95% of the world’s leading banks. FIS recently opened its new headquarters building in the Riverside area of Jacksonville.

Major companies such as Black Knight, Deutsche Bank and SoFi have also followed this successful trend, establishing substantial fintech operations in the region. Their cutting-edge technologies redefine the local financial technology landscape and have a global reach. Fintech extends beyond traditional banking, revolutionizing how financial services are provided, accessed, and experienced.

Dun & Bradstreet’s Resounding Success in the Financial Industry:

Dun & Bradstreet’s recent relocation to Jacksonville is a compelling testament to the city’s growing prominence in the financial industry. The decision of this globally recognized leader in data and analytics to establish roots in Jacksonville underlines the city’s increasing influence and its appeal to major players in the financial industry. Dun & Bradstreet’s presence in Jacksonville bolsters the city’s economic vitality and ushers in new horizons for collaboration, innovation, and career opportunities within the financial services space.

Paysafe: Adding to Jacksonville’s Fintech Landscape

Adding to Jacksonville’s growing reputation as a fintech hub, Paysafe, a leading specialized payments platform, has solidified its presence in the city by establishing its North American headquarters in the region. The London-based company created 600 high-wage jobs over three years. This momentous decision was announced during the JAXUSA UK economic development mission, coinciding with the annual Jacksonville Jaguars football game, citing Jacksonville’s vibrant business environment and access to diverse talent from renowned academic institutions and high-profile global companies.

Career Pathways in the Financial Services Industry:

The financial services industry is a dynamic and multifaceted field, and in the Jacksonville region, it offers diverse Career Pathways for individuals looking to make their mark in this thriving sector.

Whether you’re a student seeking to kickstart your career or a professional looking to make a transition, this guide will help you chart a clear and informed course toward a successful career in the financial services industry. A Career Pathway in financial services leads through educational and experiential opportunities, from academic programs at leading local institutions to internships and apprenticeships.

Whether you’re drawn to investment analysis, financial planning, or risk management, both aspiring and tenured financial services professionals can grow their careers and thrive in the Jacksonville region.