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Are you already thinking about your plans for next summer, even though the leaves are just beginning to change color and the air is turning crisp? It might sound early, but when it comes to securing that dream internship, starting your preparations in the fall can give you a significant advantage. An internship can significantly shape your career trajectory.  Securing an internship should be a deliberate and focused task.

The Benefits of Early Internship Planning:


Competition for internships can be fierce, especially at top companies. Starting early gives you the edge over students who wait until the last minute. This gives you more time to perfect your application, create a standout resume and fine-tune your interview skills.


Many companies start recruiting for summer internships in the fall. By beginning your search now, you can access a wider range of opportunities and choose from various fields and positions.


Use the extra time to prepare your application materials and build your skills. This might include developing your resume, drafting a cover letter, and brushing up on your interview techniques. The more you prepare, the more confident and competent you will appear to potential employers.


Fall is the season for career fairs and networking events on many college campuses. Attending these events connects you with company representatives and alumni who can provide valuable insights and help you secure an internship.

Where to Look for Internships

Now that you know why early preparation is essential, the next step is to know where to look for internships. Some useful resources include:


Your school’s career center is a valuable resource. They have established relationships with industry professionals, have information on local internships, and can provide guidance on your job search.


Websites like Earn Up’s Internships page, Handshake, Indeed and others list various internship opportunities. You can filter your search by location, industry, or company size to find positions that align with your goals.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for job seekers. Connect with professionals in your field and follow companies that interest you. Many organizations post internship opportunities on their LinkedIn pages and allow you to submit applications without leaving the website.


Participating in career fairs is an excellent way to meet potential employers in person.  Companies actively seeking interns and employees use these events to identify talent, so attend with copies of your resume and a pitch about your qualifications.

Planning for spring and summer internships in the fall is a wise investment in your future. It’s an opportunity to get ahead of the competition, access a wider range of opportunities, and build the skills and connections essential for career success.