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The fall semester is quickly coming to a close, but even with football games to watch and finals to study for, it is also time to start thinking about spring and summer internships. The internship search process can be overwhelming. Where should you start? How do you find openings? Where do you apply? The great news is you can start right here on Earn Up’s website! Earn Up connects students and employers through their regional internship platform, which sources internship opportunities from Indeed and makes them readily available to eager students in Northeast Florida.

Using Earn Up’s Internship Platform

Navigating Jacksonville’s internship scene is made easy through Earn Up’s internship platform. Earn Up sorts each internship based on Northeast Florida’s focused career pathways, including target and support industries. Select your industry of interest and view all available opportunities in one convenient location.

If you aren’t sure which career pathway you are interested in or if you want to narrow your search, use Earn Up’s platform to search by keyword. For example, searching “marketing,” “engineering” or “analyst” yields dozens of results that may be up your alley. Military personnel can search “SkillBridge” to find approved internships for the DoD SkillBridge program. Similarly, you can search by company if you have a particular organization in mind.

Applying for Internships

When you find an internship on Earn Up that interests you, the website will link out to the job posting on Indeed. Here, you can view a description of the company and responsibilities of the intern role. Companies often list qualifications and skills they want an intern to have, and you may learn important information about time commitment and compensation.

In some instances, companies make the application process easy by letting you apply directly from Indeed. You will need to create an Indeed account if you do not already have one. Ensure that your resume, skills, and contact information are uploaded to the platform and ready to send with your application. In other cases, Indeed will send you to the company website with instructions on how to apply.

When you apply for internships, remember the importance of customizing your resume and cover letter for the role. Incorporate keywords from the job description into your work experience and highlight your soft skills. Share specific reasons why you are excited for the opportunity and how you can contribute to the company’s success. Understanding your potential contribution also requires learning about the company’s mission, vision, product or service so that you can authentically and precisely convey this information. So, do a bit of research before responding.

Connecting to Companies

Earn Up and Indeed are great places for navigating Jacksonville’s internship scene, but there are other helpful resources, too. Many Northeast Florida colleges use Handshake, Symplicity and College Central Network to connect students with employers and available opportunities. You should also take advantage of campus career fairs, networking events, and LinkedIn to help you land your dream internship.

It’s not too early to start applying for summer internships! As you embark on your internship search, be sure to bookmark the Earn Up regional internship platform webpage to easily access new opportunities in your field.